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"I am very thankful to have attended Peterson Warren Academy and for Christian Education. I can't imagine not having that opportunity especially in today's world. I learned about the love Jesus Christ has for me and that I can do all things through Christ who is my strength. 31 years later I still keep in contact with my former classmates and meet up whenever we can. We see the world is getting worst, and the need for Christian education is needed more and more. Being grounded and rooted in Jesus is the only way to make it. The teachers had a part in helping me grow into the Christian man I am today. And help in training the children and teenagers for eternity. The number of people that are won into the Kingdom of God through this school, only heaven will know. I thank the Lord for Peterson Warren Academy." - James Smith Jr., Class of 1989


"PWA was an important part of my educational experience from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I'm thankful my parents made an investment in Christian education for my siblings and me. I reflect on my time there and appreciate the teachers and staff that taught and encouraged me throughout the years. There was one main hall that united many generations and established lifelong relationships. Some memorable moments were singing in the choir, chapel, elocution, and PE just to name a few. These memories along with others made PWA special. My prayer is that PWA will continue to be a blessing to all that attend." - Megan Smith, Class of 1999


"I'm glad to have attended Peterson Warren Academy. I started at PWA in 1st and 2nd grade. Then I left PWA for a few years and returned for my 8th grade year. I continued my education at PWA through the 12th grade when I graduated in 2000. PWA offers more than just a good education. The christian and  community atmosphere of the school is what I appreciate most about PWA. You get the benefit of teachers that actually care how you are doing educationally and spiritually. You have the opportunity of one on one attention if needed for your studies. PWA definitely prepared me for the next level both spiritually and educationally. After graduating from PWA, I went on to attend Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2006. I was hired by Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Engineering N.A. I've been with Toyota for 12 ½ yrs.  I started as a robotic technician working in the body weld department in Georgetown, KY. After 5 1/2yrs I transferred into the engineering field at Toyota's R&D campus in Saline, MI. I worked in the Chassis Department in the Wheel Design group. My time in that position was also 5yrs. I'm currently working in the Prototype Department in the Evaluation Group. I would have to say my time at PWA helped start my path to the engineering field and keep me grounded spiritually." - Jesse Taylor, Class of 2000


"Peterson-Warren Academy is an integral part of the foundation my parents provided for me. The one aspect of Peterson that made an impact on my life is the tight-knit community that gave me a sense of belonging. It provided a secure and stable environment for my learning and personal development. My experience at Peterson helped me to obtain a Bachelor of Science in biology at Oakwood University. I could not have successfully completed a doctoral degree in microbial genetics from the University of Cincinnati without having a strong sense of belonging and faith in God. I was able to overcome obstacles that are an inherent part of obtaining an advanced degree.

My favorite teacher was Mr. Strawbridge because through gym he taught us so much about life and pushed us to work hard and take responsibility for our actions." - Dr. Jessica Dade


“I attended Frank L. Peterson Academy from 1967-1972, before it was called Peterson-Warren, and my experience there was second to none. During my first year there, my Mother was the School Secretary, under Principal Clarence Barnes, and there was NEVER a time that I committed a “school crime” which would result in my being sent to the office. (Sidebar: my Mother’s wrath would have put more fear in me than ANYTHING Principal Barnes could have done). My teachers were, Mrs. Bernice Ford, Mrs. Inez Shelton, Mr. Carney Bradford, Mr. Alvin Barnes, Ms. Joyce Ellison, Mr. Duke Green, Mr. Allen Reid, and Ms. Melva Brown (and I cannot forget the wonderful lunches from Mrs. Pringle). My teachers had a passion for teaching, and a determination that I was going to succeed. They gave me the instructions  I needed to get through my classes, and they saw potential in me that caused them to make me work even harder. I have nothing but Praise for them, and for the Frank L. Peterson Academy.  Thank you for helping me become the person I am today.” - Carole Hunt


“I am a product of christian education!  An alumni of Peterson Warren Academy!  I say that proudly because my time at Peterson has shaped my life and my christian experience. Had I traveled down a different path Christ would not have been a part of my life. I could have been educated anywhere. But to be fortunate enough to be educated by those who also believe as I did strengthened my christian experience. With the direction of my parents and the reinforcement I received at Peterson I learned early on the value of having Christ as part of my learning experience. I am truely blessed because of it. I also passed it down to my children. I pray that the legacy will continue but much prayer is needed.“ - Douglas Brezzell


“I attended PWA in 1st & 2nd grade and then again during all of my high school years. I look back with fond memories of a safe environment where I made lifetime friendships and had teachers who nurtured and loved me. I was challenged to excel academically and received a strong foundation to succeed in college and seminary. It has been a blessing to be able to see my own children now thriving as students at PWA.” - Pastor Dwayne A. Duncombe