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1. FREE TUITION - a graduate of PWA, Daicia Price, is offering to pay tuition for the entire year for ONE Adventist student in Michigan who enrolls for next school year by the end of May. Do you know someone who can benefit from this blessing?  Visit her Facebook page or contact Principal Jefferson at 313-565-5808.


2. HELP WANTED - PWA still needs an AREA HOME AND SCHOOL LEADER to help with things like Teacher Appreciation, Organizing room Mothers and fundraisers! Is this an opportunity for you or a team of friends to volunteer? If you need more information, just give me a call or text at 734-395-0439.


3. PWA graduation - Mark your calendars! PWA will hold its 2023 graduation exercises on Sabbath, June 3 at the Sharon Inkster SDA church. Students from the kindergarten and 8th grade classes will be moving to the next level in their educational pursuits. Walace Saint Louis, pastor of London and Mt. Clemens, will be the Sabbath morning speaker for Baccalaureate and Dr. Abraham Henry, executive secretary of the Lake Region Conference will be the speaker for Commencement at 6:30pm.  

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